A selection of recipes that use high-quality animal-free foods to create delicious, healthy and easy to prepare meals.. Enjoy... and smacznego!

I am a medical doctor and I'm striving to help vegans to improve their diet quality.

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Whole-food Plant-based Chocolate

Delicious treats made without added sugar.  more  

Crustless Quiche (Animal-free)

This is a great option for those preferring low-carb meals.  more  

Animal-free Quiche

This animal-free quiche tastes like the "real" deal!  more  

Tofu Scramble

A delicious and satisfying meal that can easily increase the daily...  more  

Animal-free Pesto

Delicious low-carb pesto...  more  

Whole Wheat Mince Pies (animal-free)

My all time favourite Christmas dessert...  more  

100% Wholemeal Rolls

Homemade, healthful rolls.  more  

Chocolate Mousse (animal-free)

Low-calorie, low-carb vegan dessert.   more  

Animal-free Mayo

A great alternative for those who switched to an animal-free diet but...  more