A selection of recipes that use high-quality animal-free foods to create delicious, healthy and easy to prepare meals.. Enjoy... and smacznego!


I am a medical doctor and I'm striving to help vegans to improve their diet quality.

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Low-carb wraps

Soft, pliable low-carb wraps.  more  

Crustless Quiche (Animal-free)

A low-carb version of my quiche recipe   more  

Tofu Scramble

A basic (yet tasty) tofu scramble recipe.  more  

Animal-free Pesto

Pesto recipe that can be part of a vegan...  more  

Chocolate Mousse (animal-free)

Low-calorie, low-carb vegan dessert.   more  

Animal-free Mayo

A great alternative for those who switched to an animal-free diet but...  more  

High Protein Yoghurt Bowl (animal-free)

A quick and easy breakfast idea.   more  

How to Make Tofu

And easy and cost-effective way of making delicious tofu at home.   more  

Satay Sauce

A simple & quick recipe for satay sauce. Enjoy with a source of protein and...   more  

Low-carb Seed-based Crackers

Plant-based/vegan crackers made using sunflower and...  more